Sat Jan 25 2020

Making an Embeddable Widget Safe from Cross-Site Attacks

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Recently we've launched FastComments and one challenge was security. We wanted our widgets to be easy to use, but also protect people that write comments from CSRF attacks. The widget needs to be authenticated to take actions like comment and vote, however we wanted the same session cookie to authenticate you on - so if you're logged into the widget to comment you can manage your account and vise-versa. This allows for some nice interaction like being able to go from the widget directly to your account page.

The obvious solution is to use an iframe, right? That way the cookies can have the SameSite=None, Secure=true properties set and we simply remove the CORS header from our http request responses. Well not so fast. Iframes are no stranger to me, however usually they're either a specific size or absolutely positioned and take up the whole viewport. While the FastComments widget can have a fixed horizontal size it can expand vertically so how do you deal with that?

So what I decided to do was just use cross-frame communication. The script running inside the iframe can post a message to the parent with its current size:

Height Broadcast Code

Then the parent embeddable code, the snippet that our customers include on their sites, simply captures that event and updates the iframe:

Height Capture Code

And that's it! There is one downside which is that there's another network request to load the iframe, however we can optimize that easily. Happy coding.